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Archive of the Future: Scenarios

Archive of the Future: Scenarios is an invitation to use photographs as a starting point to develop scenarios for possible performances. Some of these scenarios will then, in turn, be realised, creating new documentation. While documentation in most cases aims to represent an event after the event, the aim here beyond simply reversing this process is to keep the process going.

I have compiled a number of photographs, and I will keep adding more as the project evolves. These photographs all stand in for future performances that still have to be imagined. Like all performance documentation, they try to encapsulate an idea of an event, only here the question is: what will have happened? I am not trying to answer this question myself, although occasionally I might, but I am instead inviting written responses, in the form of scenarios, to these photographs.

There is no special rule for writing the scenarios and no special form these scenarios should take. They should preferably be written in the present or future tense, and should describe an imagined performance based on one of the photographs collected here. If the imagined performance involves the presentation of text (spoken, projected, written etc.), this text can either be included or described in the scenario. The scenarios can be long or short, providing as much detail of the imagined event as the writer finds appropriate. They can refer to whatever is depicted in the photograph as the central moment or just one of many moments in the imagined performance.

The scenarios might be used in the following ways:
- they might be exhibited alongside the photographs that triggered them, either on this website or in an exhibition
- they might be realised as performances
- if they are realised, new documentation will be created that again might be exhibited, might be re-performed, or might serve as a trigger for new scenarios

If you would like to contribute a scenario, please go ahead and send it to Please make sure to identify which photograph the scenario refers to (photographs are numbered). By sending a scenario, you agree that it can be used in the ways described above. There is an editorial process involved, not all scenarios will be used, but every contribution is very much appreciated. Scenarios can be sent in English or German and might be translated accordingly.

Please see here for the selection of photographs and here for a selection of scenarios.

Archive of the Future: Scenarios was my final project for the MA in Photography in Swansea. It was exhibited as part of the MA Comtemporary Dialogues degree show in Swansea, Dynevor Centre for Art, Design & Media, 20 - 26 June 2009.

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